The Scala Group Restaurant

You can find the simplicity of typical Sicilian products and love for high quality foods in the Gruppo Scala Restaurant, that is to say the hotel's restaurant. It was born in 2007 thanks to the owner Gabriele Scala and he has always loved the good cooking and he can satisfy the most demanding clients manteining the low price. The Scala restaurant offers fine fish dishes but above all genuine typical Sicilian foods that smells of sea.

The owner is always innovative for making each course an union between taste and novelty of Sicilian foods. In the restaurant, new several uncooked fish and vegetarian courses are there for satisfying the requestes of all the clients. The pasta with pistacho, shrimps and fresh tomatoes; anchovies and finocchietto; red prawn; mantis shrimps; uncooked small sepias and tuna tartare are some of the most appreciate dishes and are all fresh fish of Portopalo.

Our typical menus have different types of fix ones, such as starter and main course, starter and second course, starter, main course and second one or even à la carte menus, so our clients can choose everything they prefer; we have even a mix tasting of fish of the day, where the guests can check how our chefs so good and professional are. Moreover, equally in the 2016, the biological agricultural firm was built. It is going not only to sell the biological products, but even to use them for the the Gruppo Scala restaurant: carots, onions, datterino tomatoes, finocchio, potatoes, parsley, basil and other things are guaranteed by biological certification.

Gruppo Scala is since 2016 even Trasformation's firm of some local products such as tomatoes sauce or tomatoes paste, limoncello, finocchietto and cannellino. They are all typical local and genuine products, which are grown with biological certification for cultivating only the best of of the wilde and the Sicilian land.



In Portopalo di Capo Passero you could find a natural paradise that enoyes either the people living there and tourists as well, coming here several times. The closest city is Noto, that is to say the capital of Sicilian Baroque and is declared from Unesco the global Patrimony of Humanity thanks to its artistic beauties; you can get Modica, which is 40 minutes by car distant and is another very important Baroque city.

At the end, at 15 minutes by car, you can get the Vendicari Reserve, that is to say a natural reserve of hellenistic age, in province of Syracuse. Among the several attraction in Portopalo, which is in the extreme southern coast of Sicily, you can admire not only wonderful partial views and bayes, but even 2 amazing islands, so Capo Passero Island and Correnti Island.

The sea is very crystal clear seas and caraibic beaches are there together with natural magnificences, that are interesting either for the relax lover and for windsurf one.


In Portopalo, if all tourists would like to have more fun than this, they could make a boat excursion, underwater activities, fishing or horse-walkings. You will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view in the whole wilde in this way. Moreover, for the good cooking lovers, Portopalo can offer even a typical cooking that is rooted in the past and in Sicilian traditions: all sea and land goodness, a wine and food variety create several culinary traditions, which is composed on perfumed spices and aromatic herbes, the fish is always fresh and fruits and vegetables of a sun-drenched land.

Our Menu

Traditional cuisine

Maximum freshness

Excellent quality

Fish at 0 km, caught in Portopalo Capo Passero

Vegetables and vegetables from our production from organic farming


Menù  Prezzi
Menù starter, main course, water, wine and coffee  22,00 €
Menù starter, second course, water, wine and coffee  25,00 €
Menù starter, main and second course, side dish, water, wine, coffee and dessert  35,00 €

Our Menu

Starter and Main Course – Menu € 22,00

Choice of starters
Mix tasting or mixed raw fish
Choice of main courses
between 3 or 5 main course (except for fresh fish)
Water, quarter of wine

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